Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Physical Aspects of Alzheimer's

By now i wolud think that we all know about the mental trials that allll of us with this disease go thru.  Not remembering people, turning around and meeeting a new friend each time, wondering where we are, who you are, where is home, my glasses hell where are my pants.  Forgetting to use the bathroom timely oooh well. Spending and forgetting we did it, driving those close to us to exhaustion and we do not even realize it and in most cases do not care.  How rotten we can get and next minute the world is rosey to us and you have the problem. The list goes on and on and on.

But there is another side to this story, not being able to walk right anymore, cannot drive because forgetting what to do (our freedom is gone). Tiring easily from practically little effort. Standing one moment the next investigating the dirt on the floor or cracks in the cement. Trembling a good deal of the time, eyes get worse, food tastess funny, sleeping is a joke, not at night we go to the daytime, walking into things because we do not see them, winding up with cuts and the like because we do not realise that we have been injured, not eating just because. This is the other side of our world and much more but my brain cell is to empty right now to remember or clogd up, get the draino.

I find listing other things for you is easier these days then really talking to you anymore. I forget what I want to say, I sit down with this whole well organized thought out post in my brain somewhere, and it never shows up when I start, it goes walking down the street. I feel like i repeat the samethings over and over, but that is what happens here in Alzheimer's land.  It seems no matter how many times I am told yes we listen that no one really hears us. You suffer and all the books about you are considered to be by experts and people who know about this disease, but folks sorry you do not have a clue to this sise of the fence. I have pretty much lost sight of your side now also. My voice is becoming quiet and running out of its one time fire, i am worn out spent and just plain tired. I sit and wait for the bus to take me home most of the time, these moments of knowing and suddenly not are incredidablly painful and frustrating.I ramble on and on and on and cannot tell you what I really am talking about most of the time.

Well friends take care and be good to yourselves.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!
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