Thursday, March 03, 2011

Who Am I Now?

I no lonegr know wo Joe is. It is like i have become two different people. Actually the same but in two different worlds.  I feel like the Joe I was is sitting up in the balcony at a play. And i see the actors on the stage and they are me and those I know, but I am no longer part of their world or they mine.The world they are in, i am all screwed up in and walkand talk in circles. But the Joe in the Balcony is who he once was, this is getty scarey now. I knew things would happen but not this. I am starting to progress faster each day and it is harder to get here to write and tell you.  I have a new computer, an all in one, so only a screen sits on my desk. all is wireless, mouse, keybaord, internet and i have a remote. built in webcam and mic, touch screen, boy can i scrtew things up with this. The voice recogn. prog. andme are having a battle, it spells worse then me. Once I get it down if I do.My posts will be written by it, so you will get all he what the f***ks and things as I forget where I am and doing.

Will be making book available soon in digital format for everyone around the world to get. have to addd to my buy button.and stuff.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!
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