Saturday, March 26, 2011

One of Our Family Needs Your Help

I got the following comment the other day, you all need to help this lady. You know me, it would be so what the hell do you think he is going through, toughen up and deal with it he has to 24/7. But I know you all will give her the guidance and advice she needs on her side of the fence.  Many of you probably know I am 66 and the old gal i am married to is a robust 50. So i hope she also replies to this. Enough of my ranting and carrying on. Help this lady!
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Hello all

My husband was diagnosed 4 years ago with mild memory loss. We were doing fine until 6 months ago. all of a sudden he started packing boxes and telling me he has to go home. He was home. It continued to go down hill from there. So fast. That is what is so confusing to me. He is in a nursing facility now. The doctors advised me to do this. The big question of the day is, Do I feel guilty. The big answer is yes. we had our 35th wedding anniversary in January 2011. He was there and I was at home. This is so difficult. I look for a support group regarding early onset Alzheimer but there is no group for spouses. He just turned 69 years old. I'm much younger and very empty.
This is a good family here and I am glad she found us.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!
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