Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just added a link

just posted a post with a link to Ken's last post. The stinker uses voice software.  He suffers from Lewy Body and has recently joined our family here. Please visit him and say howdy and make him welcomed.

I have been busy the last few dayss or weeks not sure which it is and not really sure what i have been doing. I look at thiss new beast of humanity that I have, and wonder why, i cannt spell or remember any better because of it. But it has a 23" screeen which i cannot see without my glasses either, so what the frick. Today has slipped away from me again.i just do not know what to tell you except that things are not bettter and are not going to be. At present nothing seeems to be working out right, but then again i am not sure what is right or not anymore. I know i am becomming very indifferent, whoa a big word there, to most everoything and every one around me and basically do not care.  Dr. Joe Sivack i think wrote on his blog or i heard it somwhere who the hell knows that we in this world i live in really become who or what we really are, if that be true i hope it ends soon. because i do not like who i am now, by the way i am not sure of who that is any how.

i would tell you who these two are but their names escape me. not really it is my wonderful wife Lynn and that bastard she now hangs around with. The woman just will not listen to anyone. Taken ????????

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours'!!!!!!!!
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