Monday, February 21, 2011

Old Mems and New Ones

I have found that old memories aer stil there but they have no time stamp you might say, I can tell you about them, but part of the probelm is that two or three may get mixed together, facts are pretty good, but knowing exactly  which memory they belong to, well you have to guess. New memories, I have only about 2 days worth, they do not stay for long at all. In fact have trouble with telling you about this morning even.

The wife colored her hair today, did it this morning so I am told, I did not notice.  Later we were up in our office, that sounds so officey doesn"t it, just a extra bedroom with the computer.  But that makes us Yuppies we have an office. I was looking at this woman in front of me and knew I thought I knew her but something was not right. I had her turn around and finally my mind put back some old color in her hair and I knew it was Lynn. Said you colored your hair, YES, when this morning, oooh i said.

God Bless & Keep You & This Great Country of Ours!
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