Monday, January 17, 2011

What Do You Want To Hear?

As readers of this thing, I would lkei to know what it is you want to hear about from me. I feel like I have reached a point on constatnntly reapeting myself. True or not I do not know.  My wife informs me we are in 2011, well I still am back in 2009 I think, because time does not seem to have moved forward for me or I have not gone with it. Maybe that is good, you all are getting older and I am staying the same. What a horrible thought that means I have to stay where I am at. I do not like where I am at, i dont even know when someone comes or goes in my hourse or even who is here at times. Ideas, thoughts whatever from you would help.

I did write to Dr. Phil to try and get a show on those of us who suffer, not the medical or caregiver or research side, but us the Walking Dead to hear our voice, but like the answer my wife got from Oprah, silence nothing back. I guess we are not worth talking to or about. No wonder so many actually just give up and call inside not to be heard from again, I can relate to that now, not before but now I can. We are throw aways no doubt in my mind any longer. Even my friend Dr. Sivack whose blog I invade at times no longer writes me, eveb those who are with Alz Org that are supposedly friends or want my involment , nothing just the quietness of silence. But people have their own lives to live and deal with. I have grown tired and wiery, take care my friends.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!!!
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