Friday, December 03, 2010

Once There Were Seven - Now??????

Many of you may remember the HBO special, specifically "Memory The Loss Tapes".  Both my wife and I have tried to find out how each of the perssons in the film were doing. However calling and emailing HBO brought not even a response of any kind jus SILENCE. I know my wife will hit me upside the head for this, but I guess they got their awards and that is that. I met these folks and they were oh so nice and greatfull for each of us letting them into our lives. It is not the actual people that filmed the part I was in that I am miffed at (being politically correct here), but those at the top who do not seem to really care beyond their fuckin awards, sorry wife but I had to let it out.

The film had the following folks in it:  Bessie Knapmiller, Fannie Davis, Yolanda Santomartino, Josephine Mickow, Cliff Hoffman, Woody Giest and of course me.

Theough research my wife was able to find out most of the information we wanted to know. Remember we all had been diagnosed for about the same number of years:
Bessie Knapmiller  set free 2/2010 she won!
Fannie Davis: unable to find out
Yolanda Santomartino: unable to find out, but her age and condition tell me she may not be with us anymore.
Josephine Mickow: set free 10/2009 she won!
Cliff Hoffman: set free April or May of 2008 before filming complete, he won!
Woody Giest: set free 3/2010 (believe this is correct) he won!
Joseph Potocny (ME): well your still stuck with me.

I have mxied emotions about my comrades, as I do not like to see anyone die, I am also happy for thsoe who won and beat this bastardly disease. I am also jealous that I am not with them. As for Fannie and Yolanda, I pray the Lord has you in his arms and comforting you.

I ask the families of those past on their permission to post a picture on my memory page of their loved ones and that they send me one:

This is for me a sad day of posting. Take care of yourselves.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!!!


Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

Joe, This is indeed a sad post. I am glad you still care enough to try to find out this info. even if HBO seems that it doesn't. My dear friend passed of AD and it still hurts so much. But I could see she was in great pain and was just not there. I am sure she is resting in God's arms. It has been over a year since her passing. Damn this disease! Blessings to you and Lynn, Karen

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Love you Josh Groban song! Hang in there Joe!

NewKidontheBlogg said...

Thanks for remembering to check on these people. What was the gist of what you said in this HBO special? You are so articulate. You raise us up to face this disease. We caregivers are stronger because you post.

karen said...

I hope you find out about your friends. You are a wondeful person for caring.

Lauren said...


I am so incredibly happy to find that you are still bogging away. You have such a wonderful caring heart. I found your blog in a search for the same thing that you were searching for: Where are all those great people whom we grew to care for on that documentary, today? It is a shame that HBO hasn't seemed to care. But thankfully you do.

You are beating this bastardly disease. Not in the same way your fallen comrades have, and although it can't be stopped (yet), here you are; spreading your caring heart, inspiring others and giving us strength. There is a reason God won't let you leave us yet!!

God bless you and your family. I'll be keeping up with you!!


Annie said...


Thank you for this. I'll send a photo of Mom. I just have to decide which one.

presstoe said...

Thank you Joe for letting everyone know about the other people in the documentary. You posted later that Yolanda is still with us.

God bless. Be well.

Roberto Santomartino said...

My Mother Yolanda Santomartino passed away Tuesday Feb 26, 2013. She was 82 and celebrated her birthday on Feb 24. Thank you for thinking of her

Online obituary