Sunday, September 05, 2010

Waking Up What Is It?

I have come to belive that waking up is not all that it is cracked up to be. It seems that I never seem to wake up completely anymore. I more or less remain is a state of awakeness if that is a word, if not it is now. I just never seem to quite get with it anymore. I am becoming much more testier and argumentative, wow I think I spelled that right.  Time is more jumbled now then ever before and I have more difficult in getting things out and what the hell i do no t know what i whant to say here.

I no longer enjoy being downstairs in my home, only outside in the front or back or upstairs, i do not know what it is, i am very uncomfortable now. We just spent I do not remember how much when remodeling downstairs the way we wanted it and I do not want to be down there now. I do not understand me anymore. Lynn wants me to talk to her and I cannot even talk to myself. Hell I always talked to myself, I was the only one that had the answers I wanted to hear now I cann't think of them.

Well take care for now.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!!!


NewKidontheBlogg said...

I love how you can express your feelings and experiences. You help me understand my husband. He needs to have coffee and think about a new day when he wakes up. I don't think we should change much about our house so he can be comfortable. I am learning from you. Thanks so much.

Mary said...

Hi Joe: I know I'm happiest when the space around me isn't too busy. If there is too much 'stuff' I seem to get more agitated. Almost like its all too much for my brain to process these days I guess.
Hugs to you Joe

Anonymous said...

Last winter I moved our portable fireplace to the other side of the room as my husband was always complaining of being cold. I thought he would really appreciate having the warmth of the fireplace closer to him. He kept complaining that he liked it where it was and wouldn't I put it back. I thought that he would eventually get used to it's new location. After three weeks of his continual complaining about it being moved, I gave in and moved it back to it's original location. My husband has his own personal space in our family room that is HIS space with several things that are special to him. It may look cluttered and out of place but it is his comfort zone and everyone knows that it is HIS space so don't mess with it. I can't say that I understand the importance of things staying the same but I do recognize the uncomfortable situation it creates for him. I wonder what the effect is for a person with AD who has to move to a different home? Do they eventally become comfortable with their new surroundings and after approximately what period of time? Would love to hear from others with AD who have experienced this. I sure hope you are able to create a JOE space in your newly remodeled downstairs where you will once again find your comfort zone.

karen said...

You still write great. I understand everything you write and it helps me out alot. Sorry you don't like downstairs. But just stay were you are happy. That is all that matters.