Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Needing Space

Just so all of you understand, we remodeled a few years ago.  Things were in an uproar then and we have not done any remodeling in the house lately.  We just painted the patio outside and have been working on his ponds for the last year.  So where there was at one time alot of things going on it has died down alot.  Joe has even mentioned that it seems that we have come to a standstill on doing things around here.  It is just recently that he has mentioned that he is not comfortable in the downstairs of the house.  He will go up to watch tv at 8 at night and stay awake until 2 or 3.  I do not know what is going on with this new emotion.  He has his space at the ponds but in the house it is the sanctuary of our room that he seems to be the most comfortable.  It is completely opposite of what he used to do.  Joe would love to change things.  We would paint or move stuff and then it was time to start over again.  The house always needed to change and so did he.  Not so anymore.  Joe would like to do stuff but then when it comes time to do it he backs off.  The same for going out.  He has a hard time just going out with me to the store.  Part if the problem is physically being able to walk without to much problem and the other is the fact that there are so many people around.  We were in the store a while back and I let him go down one aisle looking for something and when he walked sown the aisle that I was in he looks right at me and continued on, he came back to the aisle and said I know you.  Little scary.  So I have to not let him go because even though he seems ok when we are together it is the what happens when we are not together that is scary. But try and tell him that. It comes back down to them wanting to prove that they can still do things the old way.  So once again it is good luck with who you have.  I do believe that change is not a good thing with these guys and that the more stable and calm things are the better.
Take care


NewKidontheBlogg said...

I have read to keep things the way they are. With short-term memory you can't be changing things!

The store situation sure was scary for you.

Madam Moonchild said...

I sometimes wish I could add something substantial to your posts but I can't. I just know that everything you guys are both going through must be terribly difficult. Bless you both.