Friday, August 06, 2010

Asking for Help & New Link Added.

I have added a new link, Nursing Home Abuse, for those of you that may have problems with a nursing home or need help in finding and how to look for one.  Do hope that this will be of help.

I am glad to see the comments of help going back and forth, this will help you I think and hope. This is what this blog has been waiting for.  Out of the avg of 179 people that visit each day, I think some of you have great wisdom to offer each other. For me, getting better is not taking place, getting worse is and will till it kills me.

You all know I just love the medical profession and researchers with great and profound moranity. I got a mailer the other day, Alhzeimers cured and the cause, medical book supposedly. AD caused by lack of insulin in other words diabetes of the brain. The gist is that extra insulin can halt or even reverse the damage. A lot of quacks out there, amazing that this one dr. has found this out and has not shared it with the medical community but is with the world.  I think I will go have to cokes so the caffine stops my AD.

I need some help or at least to know if any one with AD out there or caregivers have noticed this happening:
For a cpl of months now I have been experienncing pain in the brain, this is not a headache or migrane as one knows them to be.  It is like someone with really big hands is reachin inside my skull and just squeezing the hell out of my one brain cell, trying to make it smaller. This can last for hours to days, even longer once it is gone I notice that more of me is gone.  I guess the details I follow because of my employment was in the field of computers and data gathering and details, still with me to a degree. Have talke to my shrink and pyhsycologist about this and get a dumb look. So you folks my family if you have any info on this I sure would like to know about it, I feel alone enough now without being the only one with this bull shit.
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