Monday, July 05, 2010

And You Say I am NOT NAGGED!!!

attacked from all angles

First let me wish you all a belated 4th of July!!
You know it is difficult when everyone is watching what you are doing constantly. OH of course the wife does not watch over me or nag, not the kids either, THEY have trained the fricken bird and cat to do their dirty work. I am surprised they have not given the fish feet and artificial living tanks so that they can come and spy as well. It has gotten so that I have no privacy under constant surveliance like a member of the KGB, well they won't catch me, my brain cell is working out a plan. As soon as it lets me know what the hell it is then I can do something about this invasion.

Seriously they need to watch me, I do some of the dumbest things, besides not letting the wall get out of my way before I walk into it. There are times I really do not know what the hell I am doiing or what I am talking about.  This is geetting more difficult as time goes on and it is suppose to, but it sure plays hell with what i want to do, which I do not know what that is to start with. Yes there has been joy this year two new grandchildren, my new koi pond, which I rarely sit by anymore, actually two ponds. all have mosiquto fish in them, cute little devils they are and do they populate.

Well I guess I have bitched enough, well maybe not, but at least I remembered most of what I wanted to say in this post, which in and of itself is something.  My physcologist would say that I am still in there somewhere, but the question is where.  He has been seeing me and been my friend for a number of years now, his father died from this damned disease, so he knows from where my anger and confusion and thoughts come from.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!

PS: I can go anywhere I want, that is what I am told, but here is the kicker I have to be taken there, real freedom, right!


Anonymous said...

And we will keep nagging at you too.
Love the Monty and Gertrude

dining room tables said...

Wow your blog is outstanding. This is one of a kind. I never see any blog like this. I love your topic. The photo of cat and bird is so cute. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

Hi Joe, Hope you and Lynn had a Happy 4th. Mine is a belated wish also. Cute pic of the bird and cat! Take care, Karlee