Thursday, May 06, 2010

Last Night

Last night I found myself in very difficult and not likeable sitution.  It was a rough day for me as it was. We sat down for dinner and I put my food on my plate and completely froze. I had no idea what I was doing or what to do, my wife tired to help put I just told her leave me, she put my fork in my hand and it just fel from it, I was in a state of, in betweenness, between here and there. I finally started eating but with my fingers and slowly got back to where I should be. I am about 4 or so years into this and it is taking hold now as it seems to do about this time.

Now I am a beginning to become really concerned and not so humorous, but life will go on and so will I. I guess that line of no return is getting closer and sneakier about things.

Well that is it for now from: us here in Oceanside, CA.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!

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Peaches said...

I find it amazing how aware you still are of these episodes. The fact that you can tell us about them is really amazing. Ok...on your SLIDESHOW Widget...I just saw a sex toy...huh? Also...its funny everytime I come to your page now my Dad's face with his tounge sticking out is it.
Anyhow, keep talking about it all and keep that awareness as much as you can...I think it means you are making your brain work more than the average person with AD. I think its good.