Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is There Sex After Dementia?

Yes if you are a rabbit.  See all other tests are done on lab mice, so if they do not have it you cannot, because according to all the people with Paper Hanging Degrees (PHDs), mice and us are very much alike. I have often wondered why I had four feet, a long tail and grey fur, how stupid of me.

OK this is a serious question. I cannot speak for anyone but myself. For quite awhile the answer was NO. It did not work and my brain did not stay with it and still does not. I am allergic to the pills, I am not having rods stuck in my pride and joy, nor having a pump put in it or on it.  But guess what there are shots. They use, let me get this right, vascular dilators, and have nothing to do with your sex drive or lack of it. This is man side only, sorry ladies. You administer the shot in the right or left side of uncle willie only. Not on the top, bottom, tip, or like stupid here in a vein they burst and hurt. But when done with accurate precision there is no pain, you may sweat a lot the first couple of times, but really no pain. The bugger can remain erect for sometime, so dosage has to be adjusted. One lasted almost 10 hours, wife was worried I was not, gosh it was nice to see my old friend again. Ice packs finally killed it. Notice using spell check, want to get this one right.

So YES there is SEX after Dementia. If you want to take the steps and can remember why you have these needles and stuff in the refrigerator to begin with. Thank god my wife remembers, because I am truly getting more messed up upstairs than you know, it is taking it's toll on me, conversations suck, I loose time, I cannot get out what I want to say without my tongue getting in the way, wife has learned dementiaese, new form of speaking.

Well that is all for now, more the next time whenever that is.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!

LEGAL CRAP: The views expressed here are the views of the poster. They are not meant in any way fashion or shape to be medical advice or suggestive in anyway as how to improve your sex life, nor do they represent any deceased or living persons (except the poster), and no animals were injured in the writing of this post. Seek medical advice before trying any sexual enhancing means and be sure you are healthy enough for sex. Had to say this or I would get sued and somebody would win possession of my Alzheimer's and FTD, the lucky SOB.


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Wow, haha. Hey thank God for technology right? Good to hear your doing better, its great to have something exciting to look forward to.