Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tried Cooking Again!

I stopped cooking the last time I tried to broil some chicken and set it a blaze. It got done, but on the chrunchy side and a little charcoallly.

First I read my friend Marys blog, she had a great picture of a head with lettered blocks int it and telling how she had to get heres back together. I feel very slighted, she has more blocks in her head then I do, the wood peckers have gotten mine. But the two I have left crash together quite nicely.

I mad spaghetti tonignt. Used a can of Hunts Traditional, to which I added galick powder, bazil, parsley, salt, peper and sugarr. I saucted a full bulb of fresh garlic, halving each clove and added pistachio nuts to it with little salt, pepper, garlic powder and Olive Oil about 1½ teaspoons. Cooke the garlic and nuts until all the oil was absorbed, dumped it into the sauce, very unceremoniesously. Browned and well drained som hamburger and blended it in and cooked about half hour. Off course we cooked noodles to. It actually turned out. Not to bad of a day today.

We do have some good days. I want to let you know of what I feel is good, at least for me having this wonderful disease, it has given me a peace inside about dieing, which is what is happening. I am no longer afraid of it, nor worry about it. In fact I look at it as my next journey, after this crappy one is over.

God Bless You All & This Country of Ours!
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