Saturday, March 20, 2010

Need Some Thoughts.

I know that a number of people with AD and other forms of Dementia read my site as well as a number of care givers. I had something happen to me yesterday that has me well shall we say concerned for what might lye ahead. I need some advise if any of you have experienced this.

I got up, nothing special, but I went about the day doing what I had to without any type of mental or physical interruption. My wife's computer has been giving her fits, so I spent 10.5 hours on completely rebuilding it and setting it back to where it should be will all files she lost. This all took place without skipping a heart beat. I felt completely in control and as if it were 7 or more years ago. For me I felt normal, whatever that is or was.

What scares me is, what the hell does this mean and is it something that happens at times, because I wonder if a bigger slide is comming and this was a sort of last hurrah.  Any insight would be helpfull.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!


karen said...

I am so glad you had a good day and pray for many more for you. My mom is way more advanced than you but she does have better days than others. And I have to adjust her meds. To much meds. she is no where to be found and not enough meds. and she is upset all day. But if I can get it right she talks to me and eats good and makes sense sometimes. I do hope you are on an Alz's med. I beleive if mom had of started hers sooner she would be much less advanced. The sooner you start the Alz's meds. The slower the desease progresses. I am sure you know that. But we got it on her to late for much help. But I could see a differance. She is off the Alz's meds. now the doc. said they do no good at this point but she takes pills to calm her and pills for pain and to help her sleep. Good luck.

paula said...

You are AMAZING! I am so glad you posted and I read this! Thank you!!! I do know a theory about what happened. With AD, as you know your short term memory goes away, then you recent long term...what is spared to a great deal are EMOTIONAL memories. Double bang for your buck if they are long ago, emotional memories. Tie that in with a bit of motor memory and there you have it. I remember you saying in the HBO project "I sat down to a computer and that was it" "I really loved it". That is emotional memory. Ever wondered why you can remember events and not people? People are facts (names, who/what they are), events have an emotion tied to them, they are not just facts. Do you have people in your life you know you should know, but have no idea of their name? A name is a fact, which AD doesn't like. How they make you feel is emotion, which AD doesn't mind to let you have. I have a video that really explans it from Heather McKay. If you/anyone are interested you can email (it may take a few days for a response, but I will respond) I can get the order information. The video is meant for "professional caregivers"in the Veteran setting, but the information amazing and really helps people understand the whole brain thing...Hope I helped and CONGRATULATIONS on doing what you love!

SkinnyBitchFlunky said...

I have had an experience with my father that resembles this. I walked in from a long day at work and my cousin, who I paid to entertain (watch) my dad, was playing blackjack with him. I watched them both play for about 20more mins and I swear to god he was adding his cards up on his own. At this point he couldnt read or write. I think that it has to do with what was embeded in your head before you started having symptoms...something you did all the time. My dad was an avid blackjack player, bowler, smoker... and he never forgot how to do any of those things til his heart attack. That the only conclusion I can come up with.

Mary said...

Hi Joe...and thanks so much for the Skype call. Jim and I both enjoyed talking to you.

I totally love it when I get a "nearly normal" brain day. I've chatted with others who also get these days, and have even had two in a row. I've never experienced any major downhill slide after, so I don't think you need to worry about it. Just enjoy it to the fullest!

JUST A MOM said...

Great day JOE!!! Yep I have seen it over and over again,, us on the outside sept back in AMAZMENT when it happens. I am told sometimes the little wires kinda re-spark for a bit... ENJOY IT!!!!!!!

rilera said...

Wow Joe, that is awesome! Did you use to work with computers? If so, that explains this. Things that we used to do become second nature and for some reason we hold onto those skills. My mom was an accomplished pianist and she held onto this well into the moderate phase of her ALZ. I don't think it means you are going to have a decline soon. Hang in there and keep up with your posts.