Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Brain on The Move.

I do not know what this one will be titled, because I am not sure what is really inside of me today.
I finished after quiet sometim a book called "When Can I Go Home". I was asked for what reason I am not sure to review it. The author can post my review if he wishes once I write it.

I will tell you that I think, once and awhile, that most people will miss the real hidden story of the book. Caregivers will find solice from it I am sure. But what struck me is that we that live in this world of AD are still put aside as the wicked stepchild. Not that, that was necessarily done here, but seems to me it was without knowing.

See I feel that way because folks say no your ok, and I am not, I never know where or who I am going to be. I started this blog in 2006 and I am not sure why anymore. I like hearing from folks but I really wish those who read this that live in this World of ever growing darkness and confusion would write me. Feeling alone in this journey is no fun and I know I am not alone but feel that way often. It is difficut writing these things trying to keep them readable.

It upsets me, again my problem, but people write you write back and never hear from them again. I am sure that I have forgotten to answer many an email. I can only same I am sorry, here to all that I have missed.

I wonder if you know that AD is the #7 killer. I think that if they put the real reason people die, like their liver stopped because their brain forgot to tell it to work and things like that happen frequently with this disease that it would very likely be #1.

My brain is just bouncing around right now so until later, be good to yourselves.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!


SkinnyBitchFlunky said...

No I do not live inside your world. I once lived just outside of it with my father. I can say that my father was pist all the time about it. He wasnt happy most of time. I know that all the thoughts he had were like a jumbled up ball of confusion. My father couldnt read or write. Though it was never a strong characteristic of his. I am glad that you still have that ability. Though most of us are just on the outside of your world, we appreciate the insight you give us. We appreciate your honesty. I talk to my therapist about my dad today. His conclusion is that even though my dad is gone, I am still trying to connect with him. You help with that a bit. You help us understand our loved ones a little more. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Joe...I am walking your shoes..only a different size. I know how difficult it is to put into words what your mind is thinking and I want to let you know...you are correct, you are not alone. I understand. It took me 30 minutes just to write this paragraph. I enjoy reading your words that bounce out of you brain..keep writing...then I know I am not alone also.
A person with dementia,

paula said...

Joe, I love reading your blog. This disease has taken 2 women out of my life, and I already see the signs in my father's eyes. I am in charge of all training in the long term care center for Veterans. We have a 50 bed dementia unit. I share your insight with those I teach about dementia. I can only simulate not knowing and the frustration of your world. The nurses and CNAs that take care of our Veterans with dementia really appriciate your expression of not knowing.

JUST A MOM said...

Joe I come here and read what you write and you AMAZE ME. I am loking to change jobs to a new place for all people with AD. It is run like a HOME no schedules for eating or resting or bathing. NO mass production needed. I hope I get it because I would like to tell them in charge about how well you are able to use this little box. Have a great week. keep writing.

rilera said...

Joe, I read every post and now I will reply just to let you know that I feel your frustration at this horrible disease. You give me insight into what my dear mother went through with Alzheimer's. Know that you are in my thoughts.