Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Before The Lynchers Come After Me!

Sorry I forgot they have discovered a GENE in some families that makes them more prone to AD. What a mystery, we knew it ran in some families, great rocket scientist work that there was a gene. So I ask, what does that do for these folks? Did you discover how the gene causes AD? (Yes or probably NO) Just how will this help those to follow me and others? I know I sound skeptic, but 100+ years and nothing. Imagine HIV in 1980's, we are now working and testing a vaccine for it. I am sorry for thoses who got the disease through no fault of there own, but sharing needles, unprotected sex, etc. your choice. I and those before me and with me have not had any choice in this. I could take on cancers and heart disease, but I think most of you know how I feel and why.

#7 Reported Killer - AD.  No cure, No Survivors. Only you can really help come out of the shadows and join others and beat down the doors of stigma, we are not lepoards which now can be stopped.

God Bless You & Keep You & This Country of Ours!
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