Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!!!!!!!

I wish to you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. Eat well and stay safe.

I was thinking of this now and felt I better post it before I drift away again this day. My thanks are for all of your support and comments.

God Bless You & This Country of Ours!



colleenmc said...

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love what you posted, wish I did things like that. Take care, Colleen

Anonymous said...

Didn't know how else to get this to you. Don't have much info(picture birth date etc) but felt it should be posted somewhere. Jack, my dad's roommate, died of Alzhiemer's last week. He was 89 years old and my father's main transporter(as he was mobile and my dad wheelchair bound). In the short time we knew him he was a wonderful man who saw to it that my dad was up and going everyday. At the end of every visit I would always thank him for taking care of my dad and he would always say the pleasure was his, that he so enjoyed talking with my dad and having someone to hang out with. I can only imagine the adventures those two took around the grounds of the VA. So glad he is now at peace but so sorry to have my father feel such a loss.

Sean S said...


My aunt is in her early 60's with Alz, grandfather passed from it also 5 years ago. I am a 39 yo male, was injured at work and can no longer work, major back problems. I can relate to your frustration of watching myself deteriorate over the years, although my body is going and not my mind yet, I dreed to find out if I have the gene.
At the moment I can still take care of my home, dog and myself but get anxious at the thought of having to be cared for by strangers and sharing a room in an institution.
I have read that THC fights off the Alz, but further checking on your end may be needed to start that type of medication. I'm watching the HBO canada Special and I trully hope things work out for you. Take care Joe, and thanks for sharing your story with the world. I am certain it will help people in many ways. Thank you Joe.

Sean S.

Dolly Sheriff said...

Just saw The Alzheimer Projct on TV. Your Blog is inspirational!. Well done and keep going Joe.
Love Dolly