Thursday, November 12, 2009


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Message = why yu gotta be such a curmudgeon? i got on ur sight for some insight into the disease, my mom has it too. but i dont want to listen to yur ranting and bitterness.. not that i blame yu but i wont be bak. life is hard enuf for us without listening to someone elses negativity. i thank god my mom aint bitter and angry like yu. she so sad at times but othertimes she is happy too and like my own child. sorry for yu

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As many of you know I invite all comments and emails. I publish them as received. So that you all know, I get many like the above. Of course I hide their identity on emails, but did not have to with this one, them, him, her or it, did not have what it takes to give a first name. This comes from the email block I have on the right side of the blog, so you can email instead of leaving a comment, if you do not want it published.

But I have not edited it, spells like me, because I do not change comments and the like. I have said in the past and still do, bring it on as you feel.

I am sorry that your mom has joined this ever expanding World of Alzheimer’s or Dementia. It is not a fun way to live. Try reading my blog from the beginning and then judge me. You got insight, but could not hear it, your ears and eyes are closed. You think with your heart, which is wonderful, but this disease gives a damn about your heart. It wants and is taking your mom away, like it or not. I am not bitter at the disease or people in general. But I am offended, slighted and angry with those who claim to know how we feel and are making progress. Progress in what? Same info we have now existed over 100 years ago so where is the progress, I keep asking and hear nothing but silence.

I do not enjoy this disease, it will KILL me period. Not only physically, but it is the loss of me that is taking place that just rips at my very fiber.
I say to you who will not return, yes you will, as you see what takes place with you mom. Here you will hear and have heard the truth from one who suffers and is declining. From others you can find the soft gentleness that you seem to want to hear, but not the harsh reality of it all.

If you have the chance to see the HBO documentary ,The Alzheimer’s Project, pay close attention to the time of diagnosis and the immanent decline of the people and how quickly it can come and see what is ahead.
You see Josephine just pasted away a couple of weeks ago. Of course Cousin Cliff passes in the documentary (for real). I do not know about the rest how they are but sure would like to know.

Well I have said what I needed to, I did walk away from the computer before doing this because I wanted to really strike out, but I still have some control over my emotions. Not very often but, once in awhile I manage. So before I go off in another direction Good Bye for today.

God Bless You & This Country of Ours!
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