Wednesday, October 07, 2009

With Sadness & Great Joy!

I will be posting another who has left this hell in which I live, that I call My World. Friend Arlene has pasted. I read it said of her that she lost the war but won the battle. I greatly disagree, she lost the battle but WON THE WAR. This disease takes our minds and bodies while it works, but you know the stupid bastard that it is, it winds up setting us FREE of its grip. So I ask in the final analysis, Who Wins?

I am sad that Arlenes' family has lost her vibrant character, but what joy they must also feel that she is now at peace and I believe with our Lord. I am jealous, her hell is over, mine is still going on and getting worse. Yes I can write, but I no longer can do the things I once did, my normal conversations leave some empty spaces. As I have said I have no concept of time. See I am writing now, I just got up and this is when I am at my best, few hours maybe less, well hello mindless.

I will post Arlenes picture later after I finish transfering it to my computer and stumble through the process of the posting.

Till Then.

God Bless You & This Country of Ours!
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