Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What is Important in this World?

Last post has drawn some hard comments, which is great. But the one I am going to post here comes from a friend whose mom is suffering a great deal from this disease.

You know what enrages me? The commercials for the drug that makes your eyelashes grow darker. WTF? There are people dying of AD and other hideous diseases, but we need a f'ing drug that makes eyelashes grow darker. Again, WTF?

2:21 PM

My point exactly.

I was informed that they found the protien believed to be the culprit. AMALOIDs probably speeled wrong. But guess what Dr. A. in 1906 or 1908 made that discovery, boy we are moving fast. By the way this same protien can settle anywhere in the body, and that means any organ and cause failure. It is produced by the body. As I understand it, and we have to remember my brain here, they are formed by an auto imune sysdrome that attackes the white corpusles in the blood and breaks them down into these things and they do not know how to stop it exactly. Got a lesson these on Discovery Health, where a lady was in almost complete kidney shut down from these wonders and I forget what they did to help her, but they did say things could happen again as they did not know how to really stop it. Let's grow those eyelashes, boobs and fix up our stomaches and loves handles guys and gals.

The word AIDS was a stigma but it is ok now, not having it but talking about it. But Alhziemer's get away you with the plaque.

God Bless & Keep You and This Country of Ours!


karen said...

I hate the comm. about the eyelash's . It is the most stupid thing I have ever seen . Almost.

Joseph J. Sivak MD said...

Hey Joe,

I just found your blog, and it is great.
Your comment about the previous stigma of AID's is so correct. I am so tired of the stigma of Alzheimer's. My mother died from AD 22 years ago, I was still pretty young, but so humiliated when I tried to explain what she had to other people. Sadly a lot has not changed.
I look forward to following your blog.
God Bless.