Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pushy Friends!

I am glad I have some, they help remind me of what my postit notes seem to fail to do. I have not written in while. I have been elsewhere lately, not ecxalty sure where, but I have been there. Getting more tests, health is well not what is used to be. Age this disease, rotten lyfestyle when I was youndger who knows, I do not. What is starting to show more offten then not, is I have no idea what day it is and yesterday seems not to have happened. Hard to explain. But there is no longer any time frame in my brain to connnect things to, so they all seem recent and mixed up. True moments of knowing exactly what I am thinking or doing are growing fewer by the day. This is not a lot of fun and am starting to looose my humor about it. But I am getting to meet someone new each day in the mirror, so I guess that is ok.

God Bless You and This Country of Ours!
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