Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Good Morning From Nutsville!

Yes it is your on the scene reporter coming to you from his favorite City. I have not the faintist idea what is going to come of this post. I had it thought out and as usual as I type it flutters away.

My wife, Lynn the crazy one that married me, and I were talking one day, when who knows. I told her that my feelings and emotions have real problems with themselves, half the time I do not even care or love my family, other times the opposite is just as strong. I guess this wonderful companion of mine the big Dementia, is doing its job on me as it should be. Time means nothing anymore, a good deal of the past is leaving along with the supposed friends. But I think maybe it is reallly me that is leaving and not them. As Sherlock Holmes once said, I think it was him, Come On Watson The Game is A Foot. That is how i feel.

The cursor is flashing at me, like I should know what the hell it wants. I am not even sure what I want. My head hurts, my thoughts wander and the damned things do not even take me with them, that's the shits.

Well till I remember to come back.

God Bless You & This Country of Ours!!!!!


karen said...

I wish you would write everyday. But I know it is hard . I love reading your stuff.


Anonymous said...

Joe....see you when you remember to come back. Yeah,,,,,the nerve of those wandering thoughts not taking us with them....how rude! Take care Joe....

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe,
I check your writings every week and always find them very interesting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the meaning of time to you. Also,your comment about sometimes caring and sometimes not caring about family and friends is helpful to those of us who love someone suffering from this disease. There are a lot of people out here who care about how you and your wife are doing. Thanks again.