Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An Email Identity Secret

Message = Hello
I work at a local Alzheimer Society .......... My co-workers and I have been watching the HBO series over our lunch hour. I wanted to stop by and visit your blog.

Thank you for having the courage to share your story so publically. You have made such a huge difference for other people with ADRD because you have put a face behind this disease. Your story is particularly important because it shows that anyone can get Alzheimer's disease...even someone as accomplished as you.

Not everyone is interested in being the "poster child" for Alzheimer's disease (for lack of a better phrase). It is such a personal journey. Thank you for the courage and commitment to do this.

Our chapter is marking it's .... Anniversary this year. In fact we are having a ... on ....... with over 150 people attending it (i.e., to honour the occasion). There are so many people who have touched the it person's with Dementia, their family, volunteers and staff.

There are so many people who are working towards improving the quality of life all of those affected by Alzheimer's disease. I know that each of them would send you and your family their well-wishes.

I have worked at the chapter for about half that time. During that time, there have been incredible strides in research and public awareness about Alzheimer's disease. It is encouraging to see this but we all know that there is so much more that needs to be done. Your story will bring much needed awareness to this disease and will help to move things one step further in search of a cure.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and THANK YOU!

Sending you and your family warm thoughts...

I have removeed info that would id this person to keep them anoynomous. I am using this email because I have received countless numebers that call me the face of alhzeimers and the voice. I am neither. Just a person with this fricken disease who wants to share our side of the story with you.

I have asked all of you for pics and dates of you loved ones that passted from this disease, as all of us with it do. I received one. So I will be posting it. You see those before me are the face and voice of this disease and should be remmembered and I want this blog to pay tribute to their fight for life. I get tired of hearing about all the big people who have survived this and that, big fuckin deal. We all die period. I am tired of all the crap about cures and how to stop this disease, well prove it to me with a survivor of it. No matter the advancements the real cause and any real treatment exscapes the med prof., maybe someday, I wonder.

I hope Bill's daughter does not take offense at the pic that I have because hers did not come through so I took one from his site. To me it shows the real heart of the man and how he felt about this disease and inate love of life.

God Bless You & This Country of Ours!!!!!!!

PS: I received a very sad email of the passing of one in my World, but it is sad for the daughter, for mom she is free now. The whole left of years of caregiving will be difficult I believe at best to deal with. To you my love and prayers.


karen said...

You are one of the many faces of this nasty disease.And may I say a very nice face. Keep happy thoughts. And I am sorry for the passing of one the other faces of alz. God bless her daughter has she rebuilds her life.

Danielle said...

I opened up your site today...I see my father sticking his tounge out. It was one of the ones I sent. I have such a difficutly with hotmail. Sorry I didnt get you the pictures. I was going to let you choose anyhow...PERFECT CHOICE.
This was in the elevator at his Dr's office and he was being playful. I have a couple of him with his tounge out. It was our thing.
I put on a BIG party last weekend for the Nor Cal Alz Assoc and it was a success. I thought of you because I did it for my father and for all the other Dad's. I hope to work with the next generation (under 30 year olds)and get them to open their eyes...and hearts. My Memory Walk is next week and as the Team Captain of Team Bird House...we walk in your honor as well.

Thanks Joe!!!!

Daughter of Alz