Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Alhzeimer's & Marriage

I received a comment from a gentleman whose wife has early stage AD. It seems this has affected his marriage quite a bit. Trust me that is an understatement, it has litterally screwed mine up. I have asked my wife to post her side on the blog, but she is reluctant for whatever reasons.

I know that she has one heck of a time with me, I am extremely moody at times, I get lost in conversations and I go off elsewhere in my mind on a dime. The other day we were talking and as usually Mr. Brilliant here got lost and could not even get a word out, the wife answered for me and was right. Her words to me were "Aren't you glad I know you?" my reply was yes someone has to because I do not know me anymore. This is starting to get scarey now. I have been going to post for the last couple of days, just does not happen. It certainly has messed up our sex life, I cannot even keep things going, because my mind suddenly goes off to War, or the Circus or some such fuckin thing and I am no longer involved in the situation or I just plain fall asleep.

I cannot even imagine how my commentor or my wife feel. I am not even sure how I feel at any given moment. At times I am on my game and then there is no game I have lost my processes and cannot get back. Yes I can write because I can stop and come back and start over, but in my real world it just does not work that way.

To my friend I am truly sorry for your situation, I will not say Hey it is ok it will be fine, because the truth is it will not get better only worse. I do hope the Lord continures to give you the strength you need for each day, we are a hand full.

God Bless You & This Country of Ours!
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