Thursday, August 20, 2009

Time Marches On

My wife and I were discusing what cognaitve and occupational skills meant. Because they confuse me. Of course cognaitve is thinking, record keeping, more complex problem solving, well forget hat one. Occupational are those things such as typing, cooking, walking and general doing things. Well we looose on that score to. At least I still can brush my teeeth without putting the brush up my nose. That is it for today, whatelse is there.

God Bless You and This Country of Ours!


colleenmc said...

I love the talking host with instructions on chat etc...this is great, I hope you're well and God Bless you and yours too!

Mary said...

hi, i saw u on HBO's program... i like what to do on internet with the blog... great idea..!!! i'm to Guatemala City, America Central, God Bless you.


keek said...

Hi Joe, I just saw "The Alzheimers Project" this evening. You are still an insightful and brilliant gentleman. Thank you for sharing your life and experience with all of us. Don't give up the blogging, your blog is one of the few worth reading.

Hugo Escudero said...

Good Morning Joe,

Hope you had a good night.
I also saw you on TV.
My father started its Alzheimer at the age of 54, aprox. 1984.
I very much appreciated your comments on TV and in this web.
Best wishes to you and your family.

Jaque said...

Hi! I'm from Brazil, I saw you in a documentary of Alzheimer on HBO. My grandma has Alzheimer, and I really wanna help her. I'm only sixteen yet, but I'm studying Alzheimer for a couple years... She's forgeting a lot of things now, sometimes she even doesn't know who I am... It's difficult, but I understand. Well, I thought your great idea about your blog... It's good to help other people that live the same life as you live... I'm sending you a big hug!