Sunday, August 02, 2009

As The Weeks Go By

The last few weeks I have beeen working with others to bring more excitement to my blog
things I havve added, I once could have done in minutes by myself, they have taken days with help. Things are not well in my head nor do they seeem to be inside either. My shrink has suggested I go back to my physco. guy and my physician for some help. But I am a stubborn bastard and well you can guess the rest.

If I can remember why i have the note on my computer that says "BLOG" maybe I will post more often, even when I have nothing to say, which is gettting to be most of the time now.

God Bless You and This Country of Ours!

PS No brains, if David S. would send me the linke to his blog, use the email form near botton I would be glad to read & comment and tie to my blog.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Joe! I'm left sometimes with no words after reading you blog...just all sorts of feelings and I think that it is a miracle that in this day of where everyone is trying to numb our feelings or avoid them...that you "in the face" blog can make me feel...I feel for you and your family and I also feel for me and my mom who has some sort of memory sucks! It's plain and simple english for me too...she's been robbed and so have I so has her other kids and grand kids!!!! Hang in there and I look forward to reading every word you are brave enough to write down....bring it on! BTW...just a bit angry today in my tone....sorry for that.
Signed, one worn out caregiver

Anonymous said...

Hello Joe, even though you have no idea who i am I´d like to thank you for helping me to deal better with my grandma´s disease. She is pretty well for someone who´s been living with it for almost 10 years and who is almost 80 years old!!
I´ve just watched the HBO project and that´s where I found out about your blog. I guess i just felt like i had to really thank you for opening my eyes and I´m pretty sure your posts will always have sth to say!!
PS: just so you know you just helped sb who doesn´t even live in your country so thank you so much!!

Danielle said...

Hey Joe, Thanks for the times you do remember to blog....I like checking in and seeing how you are doing.