Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Something Different From Me

Yes a big HELLO to you all. I wish to thnak all of you who write to me. And those of you whose blogs I have listed although I may not leave comments I do read them in the back office of my blog, where I constantly recieve your updates,. This morning is calm for me, feels strange. But it is like the weather wait a minute things will change, so I though I would get this off now. Your sharing of your troubles with your loved ones brings a sense of calmness to me at times. See it is nice to know (unfortunately), that I am not alone out here. I want to say thank you for being there for me, it truly helps. You know you can comment however you chose, good, bad, rotten, ugly, beautiful, your choisce but remember I do not edit comments and they get posted as written. That is how I post and you deserve the same.

God Bless You & This Country of Ours!


colleenmc said...

love the picture on the webcamera and loved your message today, we are with you too

lindsay loves you said...

I found your blog after seeing your special on HBO while writing a report on AD. I was worried after seeing you on the screen, because I liked your spirit and sense of humor. My grandmother is suffering from Alzheimer's and its very hard to see her slip away. Luckily, she still remembers my name- something I'm very thankful for. I'm glad you're still around :)

Adirondackcountrygal said...

I hope you continue to have good days.. Linda
p.s my word verification is lessabl but I think you are very able!

dragyonfly said...

Joe, I love your posts, they are so real. You are an amazing human. Never forget that.

James said...

Joe- I've been following your blog since seeing the HBO series, and have learned a lot from the twists and turns that you've faced. I'm glad to hear of good days and can only imagine how so many of your days are not good. You are in my prayers and thank you for sharing your journey!

johnwaire | photo said...

hope you have a great holiday weekend joe!...and that more days are like this one for you :)

Anonymous said...


Whether you are pissed off or calm, please come to your keyboard as frequently as you are inclined to express yourself.

My mom has PPA, FTD and a little AD mixed in. I can only wish she could continue to express herself the way you do.

Keep fighting the fight! God Bless and Happy 4th!


Anonymous said...

Hi Joe Happy 4th of July! I hope you are surrounded by loved ones today...even though they may be pissing you off...LOL! I am with my mom today and I'm happy I can be here to try to make her 4th a special day...even though she won't remember it tomorrow, it's all about the here and now for her and for me. I hope that you keep up the great blogging I look forward to reading them.

Annie said...

Joe, I have learned a lot reading your posts. I never realized that there was a physical aspect to AD, as you describe feeling fuzzy and dizzy. Thank you for your insights. I think it helps me be a better caregiver for my Mom.