Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OK Let's See If You Use This.

After slaving for 1000's of hours and bangnig my head on the wall to clear my ½ brain cell, and much swet, tears and blood and of course countlsse 10000000's of dollars, sound like I am going to make you rich scheme? WRONG!!!!!!!! This is more torturing than that. There is a small blue statement with a red under line on the upper right hand side of the blog it says live chat. Yes click on it and if my beast of humanity is on it will ring and we can chat to one another if you want. If not fine. I will take my milk and oreo's ago elsewhere.

God Bless,


johnwaire | photo said...

box opened. i typed my name, my number and a message and hit enter. box closed. nothing :)

Lynn said...

Give him a chance to wake up. He decides to crawl out of bed about 8 and has to feed his bird and fish. talks to them alot. Also this is pacific time. If he is on the computer he will answer your call.