Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good Morning

Wanted to say thanks to those of you taht have used the chat link, it has been fun for me. I think when i request it and the icon goes acros the screeen it scares people out, because they leave. I must admit it has woren me out. I am talking with some folks I hope to put a full time live chat room on. My hope is that it will give those who come to might site a chance to exchange ideas of this disease. Mabee it will help some of you caregivers to have others to talk to and help release some of your frustrations. Hell I know we with the disease are a handful. I find as it is progressing that I am less talkative to others, cut them off or just go to my own world and leave them out.

Physically it is getting more demanding as well, was not prepared for this part and it pisses the hell out of me. I get to ill easily, to faint and way to exhausted. Shopping is not something I tolerate well at all anymore. But there are those that are worse off than I, but I am sure I will goin them soon, the way things are progressing. Even these entries tire me out, takes to much concentration that is getting harder to hold onto.

Well enough pitty potty. You all have a great and wonderful day.

God Bless You & This Country of Ours (we need it now)!
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