Thursday, June 04, 2009

Through The Fog Comes Anger.

I have beeen reaing some of the blogs I follow this morning, which I can do from inside my blog. I get disturbed easily, especially by those in the "Medical Practice" and what they try to push. These are the very people (not necessarily the ones I read) that have told somany that live with me in theis World of Mine, that we were ok, just anxious, depressed and absent minded. See we did not fit in their fuckin little box, we did not adhere to pages 89-101 so we could not have any form of dementia. Now some of them have joined us in this world of ours and are bitching that people say they cann't have it because, THE BOX, is square not distorted. Mean this may sound but, you diserve to hear that crap your profession spit out at me and thousands like me. I make no appologies for letting you know how I feel, you see my life is worth just as muchas yours and I am loosing it more and more each day. It is harder for me to talk, walk and maintain train of thought in a conversation. I even forget who the people are around me more now. Probably by this time next year, if I am still around, my body will be here, but I will not. Alhziemers is doing its job on me and having a good time at it.
I saw a youtube asking fatso Oprah to help. This woman is only interested in her money and famous friends that may have this disease or know someone that does, than she does a show on it. It just discusts me to beg such people. It is us who do these blogs and what HBO did for us that is going to make the difference. Yeah the baby boomers are getting worried, WHY?, because a whole hell of alot of them are starting and will joine us here in the World of Forgetfullness. Where we these people when we cried out for help, toooo busy to hear us.
Wait till you look at your wife or children and have no idea why these people are in your house and what the hell do they want. Then the old mind comes back and you know you left, you want terror there it is. Come walk with me in my World and see how brown the grass is.

God Bless You & This Country of Ours!!!
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