Monday, May 25, 2009

We Will Always Remember!!!!!!!!

Lest we forget why we are FREE!!!!! To OUR TROOPS and FALLEN COMRADES, I Salute You.

God Bless You All & God Bless Our Country!!!


Terry Gold said...

Hi Joe,

I just discovered your blog today and wanted to say hi, and that I hope you had a good day today. I'm a techie myself, and a blogger too. Thank you for putting your thoughts out there - I just wanted you to know there is a guy in Boulder, Colorado who appreciaties your writing and wishes you the best.

Take care,


Misty said...

i saw you on the HBO special and knew that I had to check out your blog! your story was so touching and you made me laugh and cry. i have enjoyed reading through your blog. thank you so much for sharing your story!

misty in Colorado

Alece K. said...

Dear Joe,

My name is Alece and I am an occupational therapy student in Seattle. I just watched The Memory Loss Tapes online- thank you for sharing your story. I am now enjoying your blog and will continue to check back for updates.


Laur said...

Hello my name is Laur, from Ohio

I watched your story on HBO and I had to find you because something about you made me think of how this terrible disease can take away even the most intelligent people and I am talking about you Joe Potocny and his beautiful wife and family. My heart goes out to you for ever..and i plan to keep checking to see what happens to you and I am sometimes so angry on if they can send a man to the moon why can't they fix these terrible diseases like this one especially? This must be a very scary time in your life..but please do not give up..If i were you I would fight to the end and ask questions and why so many people have this and what is the cause? and for research to get off their butts and do something fast!!! This could happen to anyone..including me..and I've looked at your blog and it just blows my mind to hear that you have this disease.
I will check back...and i will pray to god for you Joe and your family..You have a great sense of humor ...You showed it on your documentary on HBO ...that's what made me try to find your blog and write to have some friends over here on the other side of the map and you need to keep exercising your mind to keep blogging!!!!! Don't give up!! have at least 5 cups of strong coffee!! every day... We love you Joe!!! email me if you want..I'd love to hear from what has been happening.