Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Mark Your Calendars - 5/10/2009

On this date HBO will start the firsst in a 4 part series on Alzhiemers. As you know I prefer to call it dementia. As the council on aging testified in March to Congress, THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT EVEN CAUSES IT. Yet they feel thaat with the right structure and funds there could be the possibility of delaying its onset. It is finnally being recognized and called a disease and not just of the aged. Maria Schiver gave a moving talk, but the gentleman from Florida much more touch me with the story of his wife diagnosed at 55, about 65 now I am guessing no longer remembers him and the pain of it. He also talked about those who are not wealthy like Maria, face challenges of care that she can afford. I am not taking things from her, the devestation of her father is real and painful for the family. But I still do not believe the caregivers truly understand the pain and frustration and anger of it in this World. You go along ok for awhile. Then you fall down a part of the stairs. You go to get back up the stairs, but no way, they are gone lost forever and so has part of yourlife and who you are disappeared. Epedemic they call it, try PANDEMIC, with more than 10 million in this country alone suffering. These people did state a real truth, when you have seen one case of AD, you have seen just one case. We all progress differently. And as they said 'YOU WILL NOT SEE ANY SURVIVORS OF AD WALKING AROUND". THERE ARE NONE!!!!!!! Welcom eo My World

I have got nasty lately on my blog and truly do not care, it is part of wo and what I amm becoming. BUT I AM PROUD TO SAY THAT I AM PART OF THE DOCUMENTARY THAT WILL BE SHOWN ON HBO IN MAY. I thank them for having the balls to truly attack this head on. KUDOS HBO.

If science has or ever gets the courage to take live brain cels so they can truly start to find out how this plague works, I AM READY AND WILLING TO LET THEM GO AT MY BRAIN, it is becoming of smaller and smaller value to me.

God Bless You & This Country of Ours!

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LovingGrand said...

Joe, thank you for inviting me along your journey. I listen very well, so please keep talking.

Spreading your words, making memories in places and through people you've never met makes your world larger than mine.

You're my hero and my favorite star of "The Alzheimer's Project"!

♥ ♥ ♥