Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where is Yesterday?

It is beocming harder each day to remember yesterday, let alone try today, even this monring. Here we are mid October per the calendar and I am somewere in September. I feel like I am altogether but I am totallly confused as to what to do next. This is not fun. But it is the hand I was dealt so I play the cards and see what they do and try to understand them. The new meds seem to help the pains in the chest and the sweating whrn walking or doing some work. So I gues complaining is just whimpy on my part. I wish I had the words to discribe what it is like to be in this World that I and others like me live in. It reallly sucks. First you know then you forget and then you do not remember forgetting what it was that you knew. If tha makes no sense to you ok, but it does to me. My frustration with others is growing and I go off more quickly then usual. I started this today with my thoughts all together and now they are some where in space and time. Did use postit notes but I found I did not read them or kept doing them over and over, now who knows what works. My brain sure does not know and many times I just don't give a damn, it is to hard to put the thoughts together. It is easier to just leave the old grey matter alone. Till next time.

God Bless You and This County Of Ours!

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JUST A MOM said...

That has to be frustrating for sure... I think I do understand as best as a person on the outside can. I have a lady in my unit who is aware of her condition,, both grandmothers before her had it also so she knows what it will bring and it scars her. She talks about the unknown and not wanting to go there... hang in there and keep your chin up.