Friday, September 26, 2008

Those Good Old Golden Years!

Golden Years, right fillled with AD, FTD, BiPolar, Sinus Problems, cannn't see worth a damn and no left ear drum. I forget it means gold crowns not porcelian or metal, gold hip joints, gold nee joints and oh yes golden colored build up in your arteries, aren't the Golden Years fantastic. Up my patooty. I found out today that the bottom portion, the tip area of my heart does not get any blood, so I could have a heart attack, not onew that would kill me, but probably wished it would. So we go on a medical regement and change of eating habits to help correcvt it and if that does not work we become invasive and go in and look. This is why I have DDS most people call it ED, erctile dysfunction, I call it dead dick sysdrome. It stands up and salutes then dies. Well I guess soon I won't remember what it is for anyhow, I am starting to have vague memories of what it was used for. Well I am still breathing so it is ok. Just had to expound on this crap for a minute. I thank you all for listening and being out there for all of us in my World.

God Bless You and This Country of Ours!

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