Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chimes & Rhymes

Of late my brain seems to sing
In song and of different things
I think and talk in rhyme
Why I do not no why
Is it the disease?
Or am I just plain nuts?
I talk the same way to
So I am quiet like a shrew
It drives me a bit insane
But whoever said I was really sane
I do not know if this is a phase
Only can I hope it leaves some day
I even sleep more to get away
But in my dreams it follows with me
I feel like part of my brain does sleep
The other seems to weep
Maybe this is my way to cope
Before the I cross that line of no hope
Even spelling seems to work this way
Boy I do not know what to say
I still get frustrated and loose my way
Past the mailbox I do not stray
There is a fear if I do alone
Never will I come home
If any have had this experience
Please help me out of this weeeeariness
God Bless

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