Saturday, July 05, 2008

Belated Freedom Wishes

To all my friends, readers and distractors from whatever Country you live in, I send you belated greetings for the freedom that this Country has always fought for qne hope you enjoyed the day. To all of you that live in this foggy World of Mine, with AD, FTD, Picks, Lewy Bodies, Parkinsons and just plain old dementia (whatevwer that is) A special hello and thanks to you. I just was not able yesterday to put it together to write you all. As things grow tighter in my mind and ability to express them I get more and more frustrqted. But the good side is that in a short time I forget the frustration. I feel like I live in 3 Worlds, Yesterday, Something Called Today, and What is To Come (tomorrow).My temperment is slowly becoming unpleasant, I am even more straight forward then I ever was. I try to say thank you Lord for putting this asshole in my life, but I to offten find myself telling them to eat shit and bark at the moon. It is difficult to watach what I say around my grandkids, so I try to just sew my lips shut. Does it work? EEEEH It is getting harder each day to get my backside in gear to do something. The Warrior that once existed in me and fought every battle thattt came our way, has finally laid down his lance, his battle axe is rusting, but he is still moving, but I need jiff lube for the armor to stop its fricken squeaking. I do not want people to feel sorry for me because I don't, my life has been filled with battles and challenges and have risen to them all, I guess it is now my turn to rest and sort of pass the sword on to others. But I am a stuborn SOB. To all I say thank you for stopping by to visit with me. I hope your lives are filled with what the Lord wants for you.

God Bless You and This Country of Ours!

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Dirty Butter said...

Joe you are just a beautiful man!! I love how true what you write sounds, and I love the fact that you spend the effort to let people see inside this horrible disease that steals a piece of you little by little.

If your grandchildren are old enough to understand why you are saying ugly things they probably would rather hear you talking than being so quiet, but the very fact that you have the determination to prevent scorching their tender ears shows there is still a warrior in there. His battles are just on a smaller scale now, that's all.

There is no way to tell you how deeply your posts affect me, Joe. Who would ever have thought that I could love someone I have never met quite the way I love you. I know your wife understands! ROTFL!!!!

{{{HUGS}}}} Always,