Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time in a Bottle

Yes i took that from an old song, but that is what my life has become, just time trapped in a bottle. It has taken me several days to get to this, just keep forgetting and doing who knows what. My wife was home for 6 weeks had an operation, at our age it is called a procedure, shee had to manny kids never could say no. Had to fix stuff up. She finallly got to see ME as i really am now, not just late evenings or on weekends, but the whole day of confusssion that I go through. I accutually do get some things done, what you say? good question. I find even old memmmories are getting mixed up in their time span and order, forget the last couple of years. This life really fuckin sucks at times, but at least I still am breathing and can have solme assembalance of converstation with folks. I loose more and more of each day, I fall a lot easier, just fall get up and fall again, nothing to it.Climbing stairs is getting nearly like mountain climbing, as if I would know, never climbed mountains. MY daughter and her family came down on a surprise visit for mothhers day, I love my family to death, but tolerating them all here with the kids and the noise level is geting very difficult for me, I feel like I am on the freeway with all the cars honking, the pain in my brain, a little poetry, I still have it, becomes overwhelming and my so called social skills go out the window fast. I go hide in the bedroom or just go to sleep to escape. I can only imagine how they must feel with this behavior, I know it bothers the crap out of me.
I am true royalty, as you know that we are all blue bloods, are blood is blue until it hits the air, well I have a lot of blue in my brain (dead stuff) so remember when you read this blog you are in the presence of TRUE ROYALTY


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