Monday, January 07, 2008

Farwell To All

I have attempted tho keep up this blog and it has becomme increasilngly more difficuly. I hope that I have at least showed some what My World and those like is like. Comforted some because they could not understand. Brought you some humor and education. But my AD and now Frontal Lobe Dementia my brain and atttention is not there it is on vacation I think. I sit down to post and forget and walk away and just turn off this beast. I want to THANK ALL WHO HAVE WRITTEN ME AND MADE COMMENTS. I only hope that you received in return what I had to give and you have my thanks. I am marking my calendar, this blog will be deleted on the 15th of this month. If it dosent happen you know I forgot to look at my calendar or just checked and got lost in my world.

God Bless You and this Country of Ours!
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