Friday, May 04, 2007

As The Storm Clouds Gather

Today is one of those daaays that my head is filled with thunder and grey clouds. I am having a hard time conccentrating and paying atttention to what it is that I am doing. My head is filled with pain that asprin and such will not relieve. It is the total frustration of what is happending and I have no fricken control over it. It makes sit and cry whrn I am alone and even others are around. My only ansswer is that everything is ok, when it is not. It is becoming more difficult to express my self and feelings. All I know is that my house is in order and I await. So each day I slowly slip off to some unknown adventure and listen to all those whoo think that they know what is best and have no idea. There will come a time that this is nolonger holding me.

God Bles


Anonymous said...

i know i have no idea what you are going through but you are not alone. even though i live far away i am always here for you t otry to talk too. i love you


Anonymous said...

hi dad!!! i want you to know that i appriate everything you have done and do for me. you r a wounderful and thoughtful person. i look for those qualities in other people. i am sorry that i do not know how to exactly help you but as long as i keep asking God to give me patiants and being able to help you, then i think i am doing good. and as you can see i can not spell at all!!!! We are here for you dad and although i do not know what is best for you i will still ask you every day "HOW ARE YOU FEELING!!!" i love you and so does everybody else. love sabrina