Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lost In My World

I started this blog for those with theis disease (A) and other forms of demeeentia. My goal was to keep up daily, but that does not seem tooo work to wel anymore. I have received over 1100 emails in the last , I donot no several weeks and am at a lost to get to mem all. It took me over 3 hours to put a new facet in the kitchen yesterday, had to rest betwwen steps and went off and did other things and forgot what I was doing, but alll ened well, no leaks, what a suprise. I find walking for any length of time with my grandddaughter and playing at the park is causing me great tiredness and loss of where I am at. Good she knows the way home. For some unknown reaason I have even opened an online business, like I have hte time and energy anymore. Oh well, was never considerrred the brightest light bulb in the lamp. Thought before the day disappears I would make this post. Welcom to my world.

God Bless,


Lynn said...

You are lucky it did not leak. I wouldn't let you do any more plumbing. And that has nothing to do with the AD but past history.

Anonymous said...

hey joe...just wanted to say hi! and that i was thinking of you. Also, my friends mom has AD and i guess she is pretty bad so i told him about your blog and he really liked it. Take care...

Anonymous said...

hey daddy!!! i love you and i miss you. i am always here for you whenever you need to talk. **muah***


Dirty Butter said...

Sounds like it's time to get one of those GPS things that locates you if you get lost, Joe. I'll see if I can find out more about how to get one.

Try to celebrate what you do accomplish ... instead of how long it took you to do it, OK? Advice I need for myself, too. LOL