Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Sad Day for Dementia Suffers

Yesterday we who suffer from Alzheimers and other forms of dementia, lost the world most foremost aat=utority and leader in the field for fighting and working on Alzheimers, unfortunately I cannot reamber his name and the news i have looked at has not mentitoned. Only shows how they care about us. Hopefully they will be one of us soon and suffer the ravages that it brings and then will know. The following link shows how much our govenment gives a damn about us. Let them remember 2008 is coming and we are millions strong and vote. If you think there was a change in 2006, just wait, hopefully the millions like me and the tens of millions of seniors who vote, will toss this govenment on its head and vote out eveyone possibleand showwwww them we are no longer going to take there BS.


God Bless You All and Keep This Coutry of Ours The Greatest!

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Dirty Butter said...

Cutting back on Alzheimer's research is like turning off the water hose when a wild fire is coming, so you can save on your water bill.

When the Baby Boomer generation becomes disabled with this disease, our economy is in for big trouble. And, to make matters worse, as a broad generalization, the Boomers brought up their children to not have to lack for anything or struggle to get anything, so they will not be as inclined to take care of their demented parents.