Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I am breaking a promise, I think you will understand.

Yesterday I received an Email from an individual who will remain anonymous, since they sent it through the email form on the side of my page. I responded to this individual, but I think her statement needs to be shown and addressed publicly. I truly thank this person for contacting me. Content of message:

Message = why does everyone try to make it sound so loving and cozy.It is a horrible horrible disease. I'm here to help but not afamilymember and not a professional.
Is there a way to do this perfectly? NO! The stress is unbearable some days, called disgusting names by a woman who doesn't even know i feed her every single day. There is nothing loving or sweet about this situation. And to top it all off, having these
feelings makes me feel like a bad person.So cut the crap about. we're going through this with loving kindness.You must still be in stage 1.

First I say to you, that you are not a BAD PERSON, you are a loving and caring
individual, who is seeing the ravages of this disease. The person you love and care for is not capable of controlling their words, thoughts, deeds and actions. Trust me they know you are there. On my site isthe Alzheimer's prayer, watch it, maybe it may help you. You see my family goes through this daily with me. I am not in stage one, not by along shot. I cannot even remember who they are at times when talking and looking at them. I have days that go by that I cannot remember anything of. My site is to tell of my life, but also to bring some humor to the world as much as I can, because it helps ME. If you read all of my entries, you will see that I have ran stuff ofLew Body's and the Seven Stages of Alzheimer's and plan to run a series on Parkinson's for a dear friend of mind. DEMENTIA kills plain and simple, but first
it robs you of yourself and physical functions before it lets you go. That is not any fun from THIS side or yours. I truly feel for you, but understand your friend is
sick and not responsible for their actions. I hope you do not feel betrayed by me, but continue to contact me. I will do the best I can to help you understand our side of this disease and maybe in doing so show you the great worth and service you are giving. I will go back to not using spell checker, so you know who I am. If you should write me again, you will see me as I am. Till Then,

God Bless You and This Great Country of Ours!
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