Thursday, February 08, 2007

A Day Gone To Hell

Todya srated out fine, got up took my meds, did the normall stuff. Fed the kity, let the dog out and fed and wtered hr, fed the bird had it on my shoulder whlie I was working on the beast of humanity. Took my granddauhgter to the park to paly and walk and enjoy her company and due what grandpas do, whatever that is. Leaving thngs went to hell in a =hand basket, I forgot where we were, luckily she took my hand and new where to go, I was clumbsy and feeling quite unstable both upstairs and bodily sies. Got home took I thing some orange juice, laid down and cried bgecause I has lost par to fo my day and may my granddaughter sad. This fricken disease really sucks. I waitn on My Lord to take my hand willing to go with him. I have tought serouisly oabout doing something, but wor=uld screw that up. Be paraliiized and not know it or who I was. Wahat a bitch. This is my life now. One day at a time, it leaves me further behind and I catn catch it. Keep those cards and letters coming in, I due answer them, the best I can, normalllly the first time with spel ckr, after that you get me.

God Bless You and This Great Country of Ours!
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