Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Who The Hell Cares

It has taken me all day to get to this and thry to think through it and I am snot going to use spell checker. I have to look at the keys now andaa sitll things do not come out right. I started this to educate and inform and let people out there know who this disease nown as AD works. I have given all my friends and family the site logation with the links to other blogs and my home pape. Thanks for the lack of support and comments and signing my guest book. Maybe you cannot deal with this, just guess how the frick it feels inside of my head. Had a debate over this with my closetla friend the other night and told him fine don't deal with me then, it is going to get worse so deal with it , I have to, if you cann't move one and take my love with you. I grow angrier and more frustrated each day as one mome slice of me goes away. I have not drive but 2 times I think in the last year, surrendering my license isa; like giving up the last of my freedoms. No where to go and everyone has to take me. This life sucks and I look forward to the end of it.
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