Friday, January 05, 2007

We are GrandParents Once More

Today is filled with happiness and sadness. This morning our newest Grandchild burst upon the scene MS. Lillian Patterson standing 21" Tall and weighing 8lbs 2oz, brown with some blond full head of hair. The joy is because she is here. The sadness is that I was unable to be in Port Angeles, WA to greet her. You see I missed the birth of my first son, was at my mothers' funeral sitting and my son was born that night. I knew I belong with him at his birth today, my priorities were wrong. So since then I have been in the labor and delivery for my next four children and my first three grandchildren. You see family comes first and foremost with me, that is mine, other relatives, friends and siblings may not like that, but they have to deal with it not me. Strong statement I know but with this disease my family is even more important
to me, while I still remember at times who they are. So share in my happiness this day, because at 12 Am and some seconds 1/05/2007 Lillian let the world know that God placed her upon his earth to be loved.

God Bless You and This Great Country of Ours!

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Dirty Butter said...

Congratulations, GRANDPA!!! You are right. Enjoy your family while you can. None of us knows how long that may be, so ENJOY!!!!!!