Monday, January 29, 2007

To Clear Up Some Possible Confussion

If you read this blog you willll notice that you can click on comment and leave one. But I have listed a form on teh side for those who want comments private and not published. Comments left at the pottom of the post are made public, those sent to me are not and I will answer them in time. This so called DISEASE i suffer srom really has a way of screwwing up my mind. No spell checker this is me. I frustate those I love and care for. I find my self wandering in the house and the corrridors of mly mind wich are all messed up. Days go bye and I do not remember them. This is my life and it will only get worse until my circle is closed. Which I truly hope is soon. I do not like living this way. Play the Alzheimers Prayer located on the side bar, maybe you will understand.

God Bless
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