Thursday, December 14, 2006

What a Past 24 Hours

I joined the DASN society yesterday and was greeted with such an overwhelming response that I am still responding to emails. Getting to slow. I am posting a new link today, that I think that if you are a child, parent, grandparent or just a person it will touch you. It was provided by a DASN user YoungHope.
Check it out it is awesome. It will be a permanent link on my blog until it is removed from the Internet which I hope is never.
Today so far I feel rather connected, it is a good day, which I intend to enjoy while it lasts. Not all days are bad, but some a quite different. Searching and not knowing what you are searching for, or why you are searching. Thank God for my family and friends and newly found ones. It is nice not being alone.

God Bless You and This Great Country of Ours


CyberCelt said...

Here from the Blog Village Carnival. Thanks for sharing! One thing I would suggest is you make a video about your life, as it is now, and whatever you want to remember in the past. When the shadows close in on your memory, you will be able to view the real you.

Janey Loree said...

Hi Joe, the video made me cry. I passed it on to my cousin. My Aunt is being touched by Alzheimer's.

I am visiting from the Blog Village Goes Gonzo Carnival!!!

Dirty Butter said...

WOW! I've reminded Daddy that we've all had our diapers changed as babies, so having to have help going to the bathroom is nothing new to any of us. It seemed to help him accept that this was something he could no longer be embarrassed by, as he really does need our help.

Thanks for posting this Joe. It means a lot to me , as a caregiver.