Friday, December 22, 2006

Stages of Alzheimer's

Today I am going to start to help you understand the disease simply as possible and will start with the first through third stages and continue next time with 4 and so on. Remember this is not my list, but I agree I got from others.

First Stage:
No cognitive impairment
*Unimpaired individuals experience no memory problems and none are evident to a health care professional during a medical interview.

Second Stage:
Very mild cognitive decline
*Individuals at this stage feel as if they have memory lapses,especially in forgetting familiar words or names or the location of keys, eyeglasses or other everyday objects. But these problems are not evident during a medical examination or apparent to Friends, family's (at times) or coworkers.

Third Stage:
Mild cognitive decline (Early stage Alzheimer's can be diagnosed in some, but not all, individuals with these symptoms)
*Friends, family or co-workers begin to notice deficiencies. Problems with memory or concentration may be measurable in clinical testing or discernible during a detailed medical interview. Common difficulties include:
1: Word or name finding problems noticeable to family or close associates.
2: Decreased ability to remember names when introduced to new people.
3: Performance issues in social or work settings noticeable to family, friends or co-workers.
4: Reading a passage and retaining little material.
5: Losing or misplacing a valuable object.
6: Decline in ability to plan or organize.

Great spell checker. More to follow tomorrow. Now maybe my world and others is starting to sink in and you know how we feel. I can imagine how you must feel.

God Bless You and This Great Country of Ours

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