Sunday, December 17, 2006

Poor Caregivers and Physicians

Today I have read the seven stages of Alzheimer's and other dementia's and truly feel for the first time for those who try to diagnose and care for us. You just plain do not know for the most part. I have met a few who do. Imagine a test count back from 100 by 7s, what day is it, what is the date, who is the President, draw these boxes, write a sentence. Hells bells, I know eight year old that can do that, so I progress from 62 years to 8 years, not a thing wrong. You do not see beyond your books, nor listen with your hearts to our tears and words. We feel the slow loss inside of us, we are aware more then you think. All we ask is talk to us, offer your hand and understanding when we need it, don't cast us off as we are creatures of the night. If I offend I intend tooooooo, I want others to join in the fight and try to understand us, just as those with AIDS have tried to do, but the ignorance of those out there is sometimes overwhelming. Great for spell check although sometimes words are mispelled for a reason.I was going to stop this blog, but not now, maybe one person will read and respond and start to understand and help pick up the torch.
God Bless You and This Great Country of Ours

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